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New perspectives in the treatment of Allergic Rhinitis and Urticaria

Prof. Torsten Zuberbier from Germany, Prof. Joaquim Mullol from Spain and Prof. Martin Church will, as the GA²LEN Faculty, provide a comprehensive teaching program for this GA²LEN Allergy School which will enable participants to enhance their competence and knowledge with regard to the latest advances in allergic rhinitis and urticaria including diagnostics, treatment including the impact of diet and exercise. The program includes lectures, parallel specialized topic related workshops, handout tools for future use and a test to assess knowledge.

The educational outcomes for this school are an increased competence and a deeper understanding with the latest up to date knowledge in diagnostics and treatment methods, allowing the immediate implementation of these skills in medical practices. Presentations and workshops will fill the gaps in knowledge and national experts will present poignant increasing cases in both diseases. Participants can use this expertise and understanding in their day to day diagnosis and treatment in addition to improving patient service and management.

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State of the art management of urticaria
17 September 2015

On September 17th GA²LEN will hold a 1 day Allergy School on urticaria. The objectives of this school are to increase the knowledge and awareness of urticaria in the UAE and beyond. Prof. Ana Gimenez-Arnau from Barcelona as well as Prof. Torsten Zuberbier and Prof. Marcus Maurer will, as the GA²LEN Faculty, provide a comprehensive teaching program that will include tests, lectures, workshops and interactive discussions. The GA²LEN Faculty will be supported by regional experts Dr. Anwar Al Hammadi and Dr. Mona Al Ahmad. The GA²LEN Allergy School will be held at the Dermatology Center of the Dubai Health Authority. Participants will be able to earn a diploma of excellence of knowledge on urticaria, provided that they successfully complete the end of the school examination. Some 40 dermatologists, allergists and other physicians who treat chronic urticaria patients have registered for this meeting. For more information please contact the GA²LEN office in Berlin.


GA²LEN Allergy school on Urticaria, Smolensk Russia

On June 18th and 19th 2015, GA²LEN held a Allergy school on Urticaria at the Smolensk State Medical University. Its Rector, Professor Igor Victorovich Otvagin, welcomed the faculty and participants and so did the host, Professor Raisa Meshkova, Head of the Department of Allergology, who also served on the faculty of this school. 52 Dermatologists, Allergists, and other physicians who treat skin allergic patients participated. For the first time ever, all passed the examination and were awarded a GA²LEN certificate of excellence of knowledge on urticaria. The three GA²LEN professors on the faculty were Martin Church, Karoline Krause and Marcus Maurer with Tatev Ohanyan from the team as workshop coordinator and workshop faculty.

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State of the art management of chronic urticaria
24 - 25 November 2014
Taipei, Taiwan

The latest GA²LEN Allergy School “State of the art management of chronic urticaria“ took place in Taipei, Taiwan and was successfully attended by more than 40 Dermatologists, Allergists and physicians from Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, China and Vietnam.

The first session of this GA²LEN Allergy School on urticaria was held on the 24th November as the attendees enjoyed a welcome and introducing lectures with the GA²LEN Faculty members at the Palais de Chine Hotel in Taipei. On the 25th November, all groups met for a full day of workshops, lectures, breakout groups and testing. The school was an exciting and interesting way to meet colleagues, make new acquaintances and to discover the latest and most up to date way of managing urticaria.

GA²LEN Allergy School Taipei
GA²LEN Allergy School - Taiwan November 2014

The GA²LEN Faculty for this school comprised of Prof. Marcus Maurer (Berlin), Prof. Torsten Zuberbier (Berlin), Prof. Ana Gimenez-Arnau (Barcelona), Dr. Chia-Yu Chu (Taipei) whose centre, the National Taiwan University Hospital is ranked no.1 in Taiwan and Dr. Zuotao Zhao (Beijing), whose extensive research interest and clinical experience in urticaria greatly benefited the educational programme and discussion. Thank you to everyone for making this an exciting and great GA²LEN School.